First Tumblr

So mad that a certain girl completely copied my old shaved hair, hairstyle and has a nose ring now. Normally wouldn’t care about this kind of stuff because no one is original BUT I know for a fact she just did it because I did. Oh well at least i’ve moved on…Was just a little frustrated HAHA

Me: January 16th, 2011

Lani Sabrina. Age 21 about 165cm in height. Dark brown hair, half shaved. Green eyes (that don’t see very well without spectacles) 61kgs in weight ( about 6 kgs too many), afraid to go on stage, too busy to study, no confidence, too lazy to aquire it.

Dreams of fame, lovely clothes.

Weeps privately and alone quite often. Loves Matt. lost dreams, superficial things.

And why am I so rude to the poor people who don’t know any better? (do I?)

Wondering what life has in store for me, just about ready to plunge into it. (bellyflop?) Am I late? I feel I haven’t lived much—and what have I been doing if not living? When shall I begin? Now! My God, I began living when I was born. (I don’t believe in the theory that you begin to die when you’re born. How can it be that you “live” for nine months and die for seventy years?) What can I do except live within the boundaries of my mind? How grand to escape. tho’ I’m not as confirmed as most, all bottled up in their cliches and prejudice. At least I’ve broken some molds.

Lani Sabrina. Age 21 about 165cm in height. Dark brown hair, half shaved. Green eyes. 61kgs in weight: ready, willing and able to LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST! TAKE ME I’M YOURS!!!

New Tattoo.. Rock N Roll!

New Tattoo.. Rock N Roll!

youtube videos with pandas in it are guaranteed a million hits

I’m in love with rock n roll, satisfies my soul ♠